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Shotgun Jane

Shotgun Jane Cover by xchainlinkx

Commission Info

I am now ready to advertise myself and begin drawing requests! *Cracks Knuckles* Alright lets do this!


Commissions are Open! by xchainlinkx

Current Requests : 1/ 5

Requests Finished: 1

Earned Money : $20.38 / $ 150

I aim towards a manga and anime style with my work with a little more originality. The reason for this commission is to help me grow as an artist to help me prepare professionally into making my own manga books. The drawings I offer will be cheap as possible since I am experimenting with my style and am trying to gain more experience.

My goal is to reach $150 through these commissions. With the money I will utilize towards purchasing a premium account here on DeviantArt as well as investing it in my longer-term projects. If I'm able to reach my goal I will open FREE Commissions for everything for a week! (Well most everything, will be some minor restrictions though.)

My limit of Commissions will be 5 at a time, and after I complete those 5 I will post another journal entry for another 5 requests to be opened.




  1. For payment, I prefer the 50/50 deal. You pay half for the request, then the rest after its done. I will of course show progress of the entire sketch to you by sending you an e-mail. If you ever decide to change your mind to upgrading to inked, digital colors, etc. then I'll gladly compromise, as long as you pay the remaining half of my payment for the commission listed in the prices. PayPal is recommended, however I do also accept dA points! I will send you a note with my e-mail if you give me a request.
  2. No Gore. Spilled blood, cuts, bullet wounds are accepted. Just don't ask me to draw guts leaking out of someone... :fear:
  3. Smut material is fine. However I will not post it on this page. ALSO it will cost an extra fee of $10 for anything smut related. Soft-core nudity is fine however and doesn't require this extra fee.
  4. I aim to get drawings done as soon as possible.Some projects may take only a week while others may take a month or even longer. I will keep you posted however.
  5. Animal creatures and Scenery is more than welcomed. However will only restrict them up to only Ink level since I don't have too much experience on it. Will limit to one request of each.
  6. If you're requesting fan art, it would help to point me out what show or manga I'm referencing. I know Bleach and Cowboy Bebop, but its possible you might ask me to draw something from a series I never heard of. If that's the case I'll just ask you to show me references for me to go on.




  • See bellow (Commissions Widget) for updated prices




  • First Five requests: 30% off
    (4 Remaining)

If you have any questions about my commissions do leave a note or e-mail me at:
That way if anyone else who needs the same question answered they might find it right here.

Request away!


Digital Airbrush, Blending, and Effects
Shotgun Jane Cover by xchainlinkx
Atropos: The God of Time by xchainlinkx
The Search Continues by xchainlinkx
Don't let my sacrifice be in vain... by xchainlinkx
SoW: Elements of War Title by xchainlinkx
Speed Paint Practice 2: Lava Surge by xchainlinkx
The higher end tier of my digital art skills.

Time: May take up to 4 or more weeks to complete.

Payment: $30 or 3000 dAP ; Up front or half now, half later.
Digital Colors and Cel Shading
Shotgun Jane Character Sheet by xchainlinkx
Man in Meditation by xchainlinkx
Mark Kenstein Character Sheet by xchainlinkx
Tsuzie, the Tsundere by xchainlinkx
A little extra coloring to make the drawing stand out.

Time: May take up to a week. Possibly longer.

Payment: $25 or 2500 dAP; Up front or half now, alf later
Inked Drawings
AUG A3 Ink by xchainlinkx
Natsume Yuujinchou Art Trade Request by xchainlinkx
Skone and Crow's friendly duel by xchainlinkx
Inking takes a little bit extra time and resources.

Time: May take up to one day to complete.

Pay: $15.00 or 1500 dAP;  Up front
Pencil Sketches
Lorezneo by xchainlinkx
Black Medicine: Progress Example by xchainlinkx
Simplest of sketches.

Time: No more than 2 hours for character designs. Scenery and backgrounds may go longer. Will notify if it takes longer than expected.

Pay: $10.00 or 1000 dAP;  Up front
Extra Characters
$5 per extra character you wish to have involved.
Editing Your Drawing
May range from $5-10, depending on what you ask of me to do.


xchainlinkx has started a donation pool!
61 / 2,400
To fund to expand my premium membership.
I'm grateful to all those who show their support!!!

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Starting up The Good Habits

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 14, 2014, 3:48 PM
With my decision to forgo college, I am now taking responsibility into honing my bad habits and transmuting them into healthier ones. Some of which may include an overactive sex drive to just idling on YouTube and Facebook. 

Anyways, I did get a lot done over the last couple weeks as you can see here. 

I finally finished the Goblins Vs Gnomes Drawing, and I got my commission piece completed of Shikamaru and Temari from Naruto. I'll be aiming to do more commissions on top of producing pages for my manga as well as some other personal art projects. Though I do need to fit in some more writing (just need to find out what though...maybe I should start with a novel.)
Here's the commission piece I did. 
Shikamaru and Temari's Family Photo (Clean) by xchainlinkx
And here's one with dialogue.
Shikamaru and Temari's Family Photo (Dialogue) by xchainlinkx

And now for my contest entry! Wish me luck! 

Gnomish Fungineer by xchainlinkx

While I do like to think I did a good job with the Hearthstone Drawing contest piece, after looking at other talents competing for the prize, I do know I have a lot to learn for realism. While realism isn't necessarily the style I need when it comes to my comics, it still is a much needed practice for artists to learn. 

Speaking of learning, I also decided to order "Excelsior!: The Amazing Life of Stan Lee" from Amazon to learn about the journey of one artist who revolutionized media. I wish I could find some biographies of manga artists like Tite Kubo or Eiichiro Oda. (Though while writing this I decided to open a google tab to look up some interesting things about Oda-sensei turns out he works 21 hours a day! Don't think I'm anywhere near disciplined enough to pull that off yet!…

Also want to give an honorable mention to The Legend of Korra for being a fricken amazing series! I thought The Last Airbender was amazing, but this expansion on the Avatar Universe hits much closer to home. It's unfair to compare the two incredible shows, but I'm just amazed for not watching it all sooner! Just watching through those series makes me grasp what type of story I'm aiming to exceed when it comes to my own works. And I can't wait to make such powerful stories and share them among the world!

I got some stress-inducing days ahead of me, but mostly from my parents negging me about quitting college. After reading that link above I am considering looking for an assistant internship for a comic/manga artist. Am unsure of my intermediate steps, but as opportunities open up to me I'll be sure to take them when I see them. For now, I gotta start hustling on my manga, "Black Medicine!" The distractions are hard to get over that much is true, but I firmly believe I am fully capable enough of turning this dream into a living. 

Wish me luck! 

Tumblr: [link]
Wordpress: [link]

Facebook: [link]

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xchainlinkx's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
"Keep your head in the skies, but don't forget to watch your step below you."

Hello and welcome to my page! My name is Mike, but people call me Chain on the internet. I proclaim myself to be a mangaka, someone who draws manga and anime-style drawings. Mostly this has been an on-and-off thing for me, but now I am taking the steps to becoming professional. Each day I see myself improving in my skills, and it has been a rough ride for me with health problems and just pure apathy.

After a wonderful anime convention and having one of my drawings signed by the Nostalgia Critic, I'm passed all of the harsh mental obstacles and now am eager to draw draw and draw some more! I have two manga projects that I am working on. One is a one-shot, and the other is a long, epic series I have planned out for several years. My ultimate goal is to have an anime made that will inspire millions of viewers. That's realistic right..? :P

Anyways welcome to my page! I have commissions opened now and will be ready to put pencil to paper for anyone!

Goblins or Gnomes? 

1 deviant said Goblins
1 deviant said Gnomes

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